If you want your life to change..your choices must change and today is the best day to begin!
Train for results!
Get the six pack It's Insanity,T25, Asylum and Tapout, if it is out there we are doing it.




Charlotte's most fun and innovative  coed fitness boot  camps. The camp times are  5:30, 7:00 and 8:30 am .  Every fitness level is welcome.  Our method of training produces awesome results  while allowing you to work  at your fitness level. 

  SUMMER Promotion
If you want your life to change...your choices must change and today is the best day of your life to begin
 " Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Get a Six Pack"

       The kick in the fat your work out needs "T25 and Insanity Aylsum"

Summer deal only $75  $200 value

Renewal only $75

All camps are:

4/weeks, 12/sessions Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays
Maps below


New Summer Camps begins
June 9th- July 11th  3 Location 3 Times
Elon Park 7:00 am
Cameron Wood 8:30 am


 Summer Camp Schedule

June 9th-July 11th 2014
(Closed Vacation week of June 30th - July 6th

July 14th- August 8th 2014

August 11th- September 12th 2014

September 14th- August 10th

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William Davie Park 5:30 am  between Providence Rd and Rea Rd.on Hwy 51

Elon Park 9:15 am Audrey Kell and 521, Johnson Rd

Below I have explained the avenue we will take to help you reach your fitness goals. Everyone
is different therefore the workouts are designed for safety and for helping you accomplish your goals successfully.

Success comes in many forms
; your first success will be your decision to be a more fit and stronger you.

What will you gain from my program? You will develop endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, confidence and athletic agility; therefore creating a more fit person that feels better and stronger on evey level.

How do  we train to reach your  goals?
By proven training technics such as plyometric (jump training performed by athletes, utilizing our body weight) drills (endurance combinations for agility) bands (muscle development) yoga (balance, strength and flexibility) and weight training using our body weight and resistance bands).

What you will need to bring to boot camp.

Yoga mat, resistance band with handles (I recommend Go Fit fitness band, you can find the band at (Play it again Sports in Pineville) or purchased your equipment  at boot camps 10lb. are $16.00, 15 lb are $17.00, 20lb $19, and 25lb $20, a Gold's Gym(purple or pink) small pilates ball 25 cm, (Can be found only at Walmart or purchased at boot camp $10) and lots of water. You may want to bring a small towel and a frozen ice pack if  you are doing summer  camps.  Yes really! You will be glad you did.

If it is winter remember to layer your clothes, wear a hat and gloves. We will be moving so you should not be cold.

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William Davie Park

Elon Park

                                                                Return policy

You may cancel two weeks prior to your scheduled boot camp, but there will be a $25 processing fee. Otherwise you will be given the opportunity to do another boot camp.  If I need to cancel your camp day due to weather or etc, I will reschedule a makeup day.. If you miss your camp day  you are WELCOME to come to another camp at  another time within the 4 or 6 week session you started your camp, unless otherwise arranged. There will not be any make up days scheduled if you are not able to participate on your camp day.


                                                     Payment options

Please call 704- 877 -7872 or e-mail me at: dianna@astrongyou.com  to reserve your spot.   

Please make your boot camp payment by check, cash or PayPal.

Note we charge a $5 internet payment convenience fee.

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 Go to the Guest Book Link and leave your  contact information, phone number, email address and the boot camp you are interested in doing.  Please call with any questions or concern you may have.  I look forward to working with you on your path to  "A Stronger You"


Thank you for visiting my fitness boot camp web site, I hope you were able to find a camp that works with your time. I look forward to meeting you and traveling  with you on the path that will lead you to 'A Stronger You'

Dianna Akar

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